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ARC Machining Services Overview

Companies may lose millions of dollars in operational income when a facility is offline, whether this is planned or unplanned. When equipment fails, service must be rapidly and effectively restored so plants can resume revenue operations.

Our field machining solutions help power and industrial plant owners keep their equipment in peak operating condition. ARC Energy Services offers onsite and in-situ machinery repair. Our clients count on ARC to perform to their highest standards in terms of safety, quality, cost, and schedule via skilled management, superior workmanship, and enthusiastic leadership.

Maintaining a Plant's Optimal Performance Using Machining Services

ARC Services offers a wide range of machining services, including basic cutting and beveling as well as applications requiring high accuracy and close tolerance. Our crews can immediately mobilize on-site, producing high-quality precise cuts in less time, whether it is a scheduled outage or an emergency repair.

Machining services ARC provides:

Severing and Beveling of Pipes

ARC can sever a variety of materials, including plastics, steel, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, and many other alloys and exotic materials, with extreme accuracy and squareness using cutting-edge machining techniques. We have expertise working with pipes ranging in size from 1" to 60." For certain applications, we may custom-engineer solutions for higher pipe diameters.

Cutting of Vessels and Windows

Any diameter or flat plate surface may be mounted on and conformed to by our specially-built window cutting system. It offers a finely-machined bevel, requires less grinding and weld prep cleaning, and can cut and bevel concurrently up to 2" wall thickness in one pass.

Repairing Flanges in Place

Due to erosion and gasket failure, ARC offers on-site repair or refurbishing of flanges and gasket faces. From restoring a gasket surface to making significant steam cut repairs, we can do it all. This lowers the expense of replacement and the downtime associated with such undertakings.

Remove Studs and Repair Threads

Every job site experiences issues with broken or jammed studs. We offer several ways to fix threaded holes and remove stuck or damaged studs, taps, pins, etc. These include metal disintegration machining and mechanical drilling (MDM). The damaged thread surface can be restored by executing a weld buildup, or the damaged hole can be enlarged and a threaded insert installed.

Line Boring

We use advanced boring and turning machining techniques. Boiler feed pumps, wicket gates, gas and steam turbine casings, excavator booms and buckets, and loader articulating joints are examples of applications.

Precision Milling

ARC provides top-notch milled components and parts, including keyways, grooving, and bedplate refurbishing for motor and pump. In the hands of our highly-qualified field machining specialists, high-tech milling machines and accessories can provide the needed near tolerances while retaining the cost and schedule goal.

Valve Replacement and Repair

Gate, check, stop, and globe valve repairs are among the most challenging field repairs that we tackle. Our automated weld head tools are designed to work in extremely hot environments. They provide better welds securely and effectively because they are remotely controlled and liquid-cooled. If a valve is absolutely beyond repair, ARC offers a complete removal or replacement option that includes heavy rigging, welding, machining, and NDE examinations.

Maintenance of Boilers

In addition to elliptical/round manway resurfacing, tube stub removals, new tube hole inductions for expansion, sidewall header repairs, and mud/steam drum modifications and maintenance, ARC also offers scheduled and emergency boiler maintenance services.

Services for Repairing Combustion Turbines

Combustion turbines and turbine parts are serviced in-field and in-shop by ARC.

  • Components, housings, and bearings

  • Components such as valves, flanges, couplings, and a steam chest

  • Vessels, tubes, motors, piping, and other plant-operational equipment

  • Important system parts need to be taken out and replaced, such as the steam generator, heater, and tube bundles.

  • Executing extensive power upgrades, such as valve repair, and turbine and generator upgrades.

Contact ARC for all your Machining Services and ensure your equipment is up to date and doesn’t break down when you need it most.

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