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About Us

Leadership Team, Safety, Quality


ARC was founded in 2010 by Navy Veteran Roddy Phillips. After working for years in the maintenance and equipment side of the industry, Roddy was looking for a company that aligned more closely with his values and the Navy's core principals: honor, courage, and commitment.

About Us

MISSION: Our mission is to create value for our customers, rewarding careers for our people, and fair profit on the value we deliver.

As the company grows, ARC remains true to Roddy's vision and belief that engagement is a leadership responsibility. Working with ARC, clients reap the benefit of this type of leadership reaching levels of innovation, quality, and productivity that only come from highly engaged people.

ARC Leadership Team

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Roddy Phillips

President & CEO

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Jason Killough

Vice President Operations

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Cory Walley

Gulf Coast Manager, Sr. Project Manager

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Jared Colón

Machining Manager

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Alex Moseley

QA/QC Manager

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Mitchell Stapleton SMS, CHST

Corporate Safety Director

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SAFETY - Committed to Safety 24-7

Safety is a core value ingrained in our culture. We care about the safety and well-being of our employees and promote safe behaviors and work practices on the job and off the clock.

Leadership and employee engagement are at the core of exceptional safety performance. Working safely yields multiple benefits for our clients, our employees, and our company.


  • Reduces risks

  • Improves efficiency and on-time performance

  • Enhances worker attraction and retention

  • Controls costs


QUALITY - A State License Doesn't Convey Quality or Expertise
Licenses, certifications, and degrees are symbols of achievement that give buyers assurance of a safe, quality solution.

These symbols represent ARC’s commitment to its clients that its welding and fabrication services meet the highest quality standards based on a rigorous third-party review of its Quality Program. Buyers choose ARC knowing that the safety and quality of its welding and fabrication services meets the highest standards. When you see our stamps, you can be confident of greater efficiency and less costly rework than contractors without these certifications.

ASME & National Board Stamps

R - Metallic Repairs and alterations at Shop & Field Locations

S - Design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection of boiler and pressure vessel components of Power Boilers

U - Fabricate and assemble pressure vessels in both the field and in-shop applications

NR - Nuclear Components Repair / Replacement

NB - National Board

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