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Elevating Industrial Efficiency: ARC's Low Profile Window Cutter Capabilities

Updated: May 9

In the industrial sector, accessing the internals of large vessels for repair, inspection, or modification poses a significant challenge. Traditional methods often require extensive downtime and can be cost-prohibitive. ARC's Low Profile Window Cutter (LPWC) emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

window cutter

The Low Profile Window Cutter: A Closer Look

The LPWC is hydraulically driven, and designed to attach to vessels of various sizes and shapes effortlessly. Its versatility is matched by a variable speed control and an adaptive mechanism that compensates for variations in wall thickness and contour. This ensures a smooth, accurate cut regardless of the surface it encounters.

Solving the Customer's Core Challenge

ARC understands the critical need for a reliable method to gain access to the internals of a vessel. Whether it's for essential repairs, modifications, or inspections, the LPWC provides a cost-effective, efficient solution. It enables pinpoint precision in accessing specific areas without the need for system shutdowns, thereby minimizing operational disruptions.

ARC's Unique Solution: The Edge of Innovation

The LPWC stands apart with its innovative design featuring a rigid track for stability and a floating cutting head that maintains consistent depth. This design, coupled with remote operation capabilities, eliminates the risk of contaminant introduction and ensures a seamless, clean cut. The solution is not just about cutting; it's about enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Highlighting the LPWC Capabilities

  • Simultaneous cutting and beveling, streamline the process.

  • Capability to handle small windows (24” x 24” x 9/16” wall thickness) to large ones (120” x 72” x 1.25” wall thickness).

  • Remote operation for enhanced safety and convenience.

  • Floating Cutting Head ensures uniform depth throughout the operation.

ARC's Commitment to Excellence

Designed and manufactured by ARC, the LPWC represents the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and innovation in industrial machinery. Its use in removing square or rectangular sections from large vessels illustrates ARC's ability to tackle challenges head-on, providing solutions that are both effective and safe.

Connect With ARC for Your Cutting Solutions

Discover the difference ARC's LPWC can make for your operations. For more information or to discuss your specific needs, contact ARC today via our website or by phone. Let us tailor a cutting solution that meets your exact requirements, enhancing both efficiency and safety in your operations.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of industrial solutions, constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate. The LPWC is just one example of how we're addressing the complex needs of our clients, with many more developments on the horizon.

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