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A Deep Dive into ARC's Fabrication and Installation Expertise

fabrication and installation

Custom fabrication and installation is a dynamic and complicated space. At ARC, our mission is to stand out as a beacon of excellence and innovation even in the midst of that. 

Take a look at this in-depth exploration of our extensive experience, and diverse capabilities, as well as our unique approach that we believe sets us apart in the industry.

Key Personnel - The Backbone of ARC’s Success

At the heart of our achievements are our people. Jason Killough, a veteran since ARC's early days in 2010, has been a cornerstone of our growth. From his initial role as a welder to his current position in management, Jason's journey epitomizes ARC's ethos of growth and excellence. His deep understanding of operations and business nuances has been invaluable in our expansion.

Tyler Burdette, joining the team in 2021, has brought a fresh perspective to business development. His ability to forge lasting relationships with utilities and clients nationwide, in tandem with Stella Hammond, has been crucial in maintaining a steady stream of projects. Together, their roles span the entire project lifecycle, from opportunity identification to project completion, underpinned by a remarkable support team of estimators, project managers, and leaders.

Our Expertise Across Materials and Challenges

ARC’s fabrication expertise encompasses a vast array of materials, each presenting unique challenges. This has been honed through years of tackling diverse projects, allowing us to confidently work with materials ranging from standard carbon steel to exotic alloys. Our approach to these challenges is systematic and precise, anchored by a dedicated quality control team. This team's commitment ensures that our welders are not just skilled but also aware of the latest welding procedures and industry requirements.

Precision in Customization and Compliance

At ARC, we believe that every project should be an embodiment of precision and adherence to the highest quality standards possible. Our projects undergo rigorous review and planning, ensuring each one aligns seamlessly with client specifications and industry norms. This meticulous approach is a testament to our commitment to delivering not just solutions, but excellence. 

Unique Installation Capabilities 

Our installation capabilities are not just about fabricating diverse materials; it's about integrating our fabrication expertise with our robust machining and heat treatment capabilities. This holistic approach enables us to offer turnkey solutions, setting us apart in the industry. Our ability to control every aspect of the project, from safety to production, is what makes our installation process unique and highly efficient.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction and Support

This is unwavering. Each project concludes with a comprehensive closeout process, gathering feedback from both clients and our project supervisors. This feedback loop is vital in assessing our performance and ensuring continuous improvement. Post-installation, we provide thorough support, including detailed punch lists and maintaining key team members onsite until every aspect of the fabrication process is approved and accepted.

Pioneering Future Developments

Looking to the future, we are actively engaged in advancing our fabrication and installation capabilities. Our commitment to staying abreast of industry advances and technologies is unwavering. We invest in R&D, exploring new fabrication methods and technologies, ensuring our team is always ahead of the curve. This proactive approach is essential in our mission to meet and exceed evolving industry standards and client expectations.

Committed to Excellence in Fabrication and Installation

Our journey in the fabrication and installation sector is characterized by relentless dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Our team's diverse expertise, combined with our commitment to handling a wide range of materials and compliance standards, positions us at the forefront of the industry. As we continue to evolve and embrace new challenges, our dedication to excellence remains the guiding principle. 

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