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All About ​​Metal Disintegration Machining

The mechanical industry cannot run without bolts and studs. It is the basic foundation for every project. When one of these components is broken, it can cause larger problems and be a major setback. Metal Disintegration Machining (MDM) is a common practice for removing broken bolts and studs. MDM is lightning-fast and can remove the impaired bolt without harming the remaining structure. This helps you save time and money on a project by not having to completely demolish the part and start all over. By utilizing a spark erosion process, MDM breaks down the damaged tool into tiny particles that can be flushed out of space.

How MDM Works

Based on the burn that is needed to cut through the bolt or stud, MDM technology uses highly conductive graphite, moly-copper, or tungsten to break down the material. The high energy, low voltage, thermal shock-producing source is designed to move at a rate of 3,600 times per minute to burn the material. The striking point will have a temperature around 5,300° F to melt the bolt or stud. During this process, the bolt or stud will break down into tiny particles around 10 microns in size. Meanwhile, water will be continuously flushing towards the metal to instantly cool and push the tiny particles through the hole. Here are some common applications for MDM:

  • Broken Stud Removal

  • Roll Pin Removal

  • Broken Tap Removal

  • Carbide Inserts

  • Turbine Stud Removal

  • Crane Hinge Pins

  • Snubber Pins

  • Nut Splitting

  • Steam Generator Tubes

  • Nozzle Blocks

  • Thermal Shields

  • Fuel Rod Assemblies

Why Use MDM

The MDM process is specifically designed to disintegrate the most durable materials. In fact, it works the best on harder materials. Taps, dowel pins, and brittle or work-hardened steels are great candidates for MDM. The process is surprisingly quiet and works 40% faster than traditional drilling. This ensures that the process can be completed within a reasonable amount of time and prevents extreme delays. It does not require the assistance of cutting oils or lubricants which minimizes the cost and number of materials needed to complete the job. On top of that, MDM can cut remotely at sublevels in the plant and underwater so you never have to worry about its ability to reach the bolt or stud.

Another important benefit to utilizing the MDM process is in Foreign Material Exclusion (FME). When tapping into an enclosed system, conventional drilling inevitably introduces large metal shavings that are not easily retrievable. Because the MDM process disintegrates the metal into very fine particles, the amount of foreign material introduced to the system once breached is negligible.

A MDM Service You Can Trust

At ARC, we understand the importance of a safe and specialized MDM process. Our engineers and machining experts are well-equipped to evaluate your needs and create a unique electrode to remove the damaged bolt or stud. No matter the shape of your component, our customized electrodes can ensure that it is safely removed without inflicting further damage. When you call ARC for an MDM project, our team will be able and willing to respond quickly. We offer 24/7 services to help your project stay on track.

If you have a project in need of a MDM service, contact ARC today!

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