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Specialty Welding: Finding the Right Expertise For Your Industry and Projects

Welding is a vital process in many industries with construction and power generation topping that list. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and safety of structures and equipment. However, welding requires a high level of skill and expertise, particularly when it comes to specialty welding techniques for complex applications such as process piping and component fabrication.

However, welding requires a high level of skill and expertise, particularly when it comes to specialty welding techniques for complex applications such as high energy piping (HEP), power piping, vessel/boiler repairs, and component fabrication.

Keep reading as we delve into some of the key aspects of specialty welding and what to look for in a specialty welding partner.

Specialty Welding

Specialty welding is a critical component of many industries, from Nuclear Power to oil/gas, and aerospace, and requires a high level of precision and skill. It’s important to find a partner that specializes in welding techniques that will be applicable to your industry such as orbital welding, which is used for high quality repeatable welds. Sometimes in environments not meant for personnel, GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) is one of several processes, which is used for high-quality, precise welds on many different material combinations or component types.

Orbital Welding

Orbital welding is a type of automatic welding used for high-purity applications. It involves rotating an electrode and welding the joint continuously with a consistent and precise weld bead. This method produces a strong and uniform weld that is resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for applications that require a high degree of cleanliness and purity. The process is also highly automated, reducing the potential for human error and increasing productivity. Orbital or robotic welding in the power industry is usually used in areas that humans should not or cannot access. High radiation areas, for example. The time it takes to go in and set up an orbital welder and then run it remotely greatly reduces the amount of dose picked up compared to staying in the area to complete the weld manually.

Another use is high-heat areas. Some valves require a preheat of 450°F when replacing a seat, essentially turning the inside of the valve into an oven. Orbital welding allows professionals to remotely deliver the weld head into position and perform the weld without endangering our employees.

GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)

GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) is used any many different applications. This welding method uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce an arc. This process is typically accompanied by a filler material to match the base material, in some scenarios filler material may not be used during this process, which is referred to as autogenous welding (without filler). During this process, an inert gas (argon) is used to protect the weld area and electrode from contamination, and oxidation.

The GTAW process allows the operator/technician greater control over the welding process, in turn resulting in higher quality and more precise welding.GTAW welding requires a high degree of skill and technique. As the welding process is performed the technician will slowly feed filler material into the arc, while maintaining several factors (travel speed, arc length, torch angle, etc). Typical welding processes (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW) transfer the weld metal across the arc, because the arc is initiated and filler material is added separately this permits the application of several different filler material/base material combinations to meet client needs. ARC has many ASME Section IX-approved welding procedures to cover a variety of material types and thicknesses, from titanium, aluminum, Gr.91, and stainless to name a few.

Component Repair and Replacement

When partnering with a specialty welding company we can provide insight and expertise that can be helpful when components are getting to the point they need repair or replacement. An area of expertise that can be important to look for based on your industry and needs is large component repair or replacement. When a critical component fails, it can result in costly downtime and lost productivity. It's key to look for welding and fabrication experts who can repair or replace large components such as vessels, valves, piping, or boiler components, ensuring that operations can resume as quickly as possible, we can provide insight and expertise that can be helpful to minimize roadblocks, downtime or lost productivity.

Safety-Related Welding and Machining Services

Safety-related welding and machining services are another specialty that you’ll want your welding partner to have. These services include welding and machining on safety-critical equipment such as pressure vessels and piping systems. With safety being a top priority in industries such as nuclear power, having a reliable partner for safety-related welding and machining is crucial.

Fabrication Services

You may also find that you need special fabrication for some projects and will want a partner that can fulfill those needs. This includes the fabrication of piping assemblies or components. By pre-fabricating piping systems or fabricating components for installation, you can significantly reduce the need for additional manpower during installation. By providing shop fabrication services, a welding partner can ensure that components are built to precise specifications. Another factor is any NDT (Non-destructive testing) requirements can be performed ahead of time, ultimately reducing the potential of delays onsite.

Choose ARC As Your Specialty Welding Partner

Our specialty welding services provide long-term value to clients by offering a wide range of expertise and capabilities. From large component repair and replacement to safety-related welding and machining services, our team of skilled welders and machinists can handle projects of any size and complexity, ensuring that clients can rely on us as a trusted partner for all their welding and piping needs.

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