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ARC Services - Specialty Welding

Specialty Welding is any type of welding requiring specialized skills or unique alloys. Specialty welders have a larger skillset than regular or hobby welders and are true craftsmen. The techniques, alloys, and specialized tools require complex training and experience. The nature of the projects specialty welders work on also demands proper certifications. This is because many times a specialty welder is creating a unique solution to solve a client’s issue.

Here at ARC, we aim to be the foremost specialty welding company in the country with the strongest commitment to quality and safety. Keeping reading to explore our Speciality Welding services.

ARC’s Specialty Welding Services

ARC Services started out in 2010 to become the leading specialty welding company in the industry. Our specialization in manual and orbital welding services puts us in an elite class. We dominate pipe, tube, and structural welding services, including FCAW, GMAW, SMAW, STAW, AND RMD/STT processes.

Our certified welding technicians are experts working with a variety of alloys

that include:

  • Super Duplex

  • Inconel

  • 9 Percent Chrome

  • Aluminum

We deliver high-quality, safe, and efficient work on:

  • Boiler tube welding

  • Conventional groove welding

  • Narrow groove welding

  • Welding overlays

  • Orbital Welding

  • RMD/STT Welding

ARC Services also holds three certifications from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. And we have two others from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Our customers are confident that their specialty welding jobs conform to these standards.

Customers Know They Can Rely on Us

CEO Roddy Phillips started ARC Energy Services at the end of the recession in 2010. He carefully built his reputation on getting the job done and getting it done right. Roddy is a firm believer in maintaining relationships with customers to gain trust. He knows that every detail of a job needs to go according to plan. Customers should expect that we will deliver our specialty welding projects on time, safely, and within budget. Roddy explains, “Relationships are what keep us busy year after year. Our customers know they can count on us no matter what.”

We Only Employee the Best

Phillips also works on employee relationships by being present in the field. This lets him see firsthand how problems are solved. He can also verify the craftsmanship of his specialty welders.

After all, working with exotic metals or new welding techniques can overwhelm a less trained or qualified technician. Roddy knows “Putting the right person on the right job is crucial. We’re never going to give an employee something they can’t handle.” This was illustrated when a nuclear power plant needed a sensitive specialty weld job done but was concerned about worker safety. Dose rates needed to stay at a minimum while the work was performed. ARC Energy Services devised a plan to weld from a distance using fiber optic and video systems. This plan kept welders out of harm’s way and solved the customer’s issue.

An Elite Force in the Industry

We take pride in the specialty welding done by our technicians. “We’re nothing without our employees”, Roddy recently shared. “Their heart for this business and their desire to make it a success is why we’re thriving today.” We ensure our specialty welders have the right skills by applying two standards:

  1. Emphasizing Hands-On Experience

  2. Developing and Growing Each Team Member

Roddy believes in investing in the people at ARC Services. He helps his specialty welders and the rest of the employees to grow through hands-on training and advancement within the company. He performed hull maintenance repair and machinery repair while in the U.S. Navy. This experience led him to work for power industry companies after his service. Roddy’s passion for learning and continuous improvement is ingrained in the company’s culture.

Giving Our Customers Confidence

Relationships, trust, and experience are the cornerstones of ARC Energy Services' specialty welding reputation. Our welders have years of experience covering alloys most welders aren’t familiar with. Our customers have years of solutions provided by our innovation, craftsmanship, and relationships. Our employee development produces the best-of-the-best specialty welders in the industry. Roddy Phillips got it right when he said, “We value quality craftsmanship, and we value the safety of our people. We attract and retain experienced craft labor because workers want a safe work environment where they can use their skills.”

These are just some of the reasons that make our Veteran-owned and operated company a leader in specialty welding.

Interested in our specialty welding services? Reach out today!

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