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Elevating Safety Standards in Power Generation: ARC's Comprehensive Approach

safety standards in power generation

At ARC Services, safety is our cornerstone, especially during critical periods of power generation plant outages. Our commitment to safety transcends basic compliance, embedding deeply in every aspect of our operations. 

Safety Leadership

Mitchell Stapleton's journey with ARC began in 2014, and his ascent to Safety Director mirrors the company's own growth in safety excellence. With nearly two decades in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Mitchell’s expertise is pivotal in driving our safety-first culture. His role in crafting precise training and safety plans ensures that each high-level outage is not just a project but a benchmark of safety in action.

We Take Pride In Our Safety Records

ARC's safety statistics speak volumes about our safety ethos. Achieving over 3,500,000 workhours with minimal incidents is no small feat. This record, highlighted in our annual OSHA 300 report, is a transparent testament to our relentless pursuit of a safe working environment. It's a figure that not only motivates our team but also reassures our clients of our commitment to safety.

Comprehensive Safety Protocols and Training

Safety at ARC is systematic and thorough. Every task in an outage is scrutinized, with hazards identified and controlled meticulously. Our training goes beyond the basics, encompassing specialized areas like confined space work and lockout tagout procedures. The Pre-Job Briefs ensure that every team member is not just aware but fully prepared for the tasks ahead. The 2024 initiative of mobile-accessible training is a leap toward making safety training more accessible and effective.

The Safety-Efficiency Symbiosis

For ARC, safety, and efficiency are not competing interests; they are complementary. Our approach ensures that while safety remains paramount, it harmonizes with operational efficiency. Our recent project at a nuclear facility, involving complex tasks like advanced rigging under strict guidelines, is a case in point. Completed within the deadline and without any safety incidents, it stands as a testament to our ability to balance these twin pillars effectively.

Technological Advancements in Safety

Embracing technology is central to ARC’s safety strategy. From advanced atmospheric readers to lightweight powered air-purifying respirators, we ensure that our workforce is equipped with the best tools. Our collaboration with vendors to source cutting-edge equipment not only enhances safety but also contributes to operational efficiency.

Client Engagement and Feedback

Clear communication of our safety protocols is integral to our client relationships. By sharing detailed safety plans and records, we foster transparency and trust. The accolades and positive feedback from clients and third-party organizations reinforce our belief that a robust safety culture is a key differentiator in the market. This feedback also serves as a vital input for continuous improvement in our safety practices.

Safety Innovations on the Horizon

ARC is always looking ahead, exploring new technologies and practices to enhance safety. The potential adoption of ergonomic solutions like exo-skeleton suits exemplifies our commitment to not just maintaining but elevating safety standards. These innovations promise to reduce worker fatigue and increase efficiency, aligning with our goal of continuous improvement.

ARC's Safety Ethos – Beyond Compliance

ARC's approach to safety in power generation plant outages is a blend of rigor, innovation, and commitment. It's a journey that goes beyond compliance to encompass care for our employees, quality for our clients, and leadership in the industry. As we move forward, our dedication to safety remains the unshakeable foundation of our success.

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