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Celebrating National Safety Month: Our Commitment to 24/7 Safety

June is National Safety Month and as a mechanical engineering company serving the power generation industry, safety is at the core of everything we do. 

About National Safety Month

Since its inception in 1996, National Safety Month has provided a wealth of free resources aimed at highlighting the leading causes of preventable injury and death. The NSC offers a month's worth of educational materials, tools, and activities to promote safety in all aspects of life. This year, the weekly safety topics include:

  • Week 1 (June 1-8): Safety Engagement

  • Week 2 (June 9-15): Roadway Safety

  • Week 3 (June 16-22): Risk Reduction

  • Week 4 (June 23-30): Slips, Trips, and Falls

These topics are designed to address some of the most critical areas of safety, providing valuable insights and practices that can help prevent accidents and save lives.

Our Commitment to Safety

At ARC Services, we believe that safety is not just a priority for one month—it is a commitment that we uphold 24/7. Our dedication to safety is reflected in every project we undertake and in every corner of our operations. We recognize that preventable injuries are the third leading cause of death in the United States, and we are determined to make a difference by fostering a culture of safety within our organization and beyond.

Safety Engagement

Engaging our employees in safety practices is crucial. We encourage open communication about safety concerns and actively involve our team in developing and implementing safety protocols. This engagement ensures that everyone is invested in maintaining a safe working environment.

Roadway Safety

Many of our employees travel to various sites, making roadway safety a top priority. We provide comprehensive training on safe driving practices, ensure our vehicles are well-maintained, and promote awareness about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.

Risk Reduction

Identifying and mitigating risks is a continuous process at ARC Services. We conduct regular safety audits, provide ongoing training, and implement state-of-the-art safety technologies to minimize hazards. Our proactive approach to risk reduction helps us prevent accidents before they occur.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are common causes of workplace injuries. We address these risks by maintaining clean and organized workspaces, installing proper lighting, and ensuring that all surfaces are safe and well-marked. Our rigorous safety protocols help to significantly reduce the incidence of these types of accidents.

Join Us in Promoting Safety

We invite you to join us and the National Safety Council in celebrating National Safety Month this June. By working together, we can create safer environments for everyone. Whether you're at work, on the road, or at home, remember that safety is a continuous commitment.

This month is a reminder of the importance of safety in all aspects of our lives. At ARC Services, we are dedicated to ensuring that safety is a 24/7 commitment. By focusing on safety engagement, roadway safety, risk reduction, and preventing slips, trips, and falls, we strive to protect our employees and the communities we serve. Let’s work together to make June and every month safer for everyone.

For more information about our safety initiatives and how we can help you achieve your safety goals, please contact us or visit our website.

Stay safe and stay committed—because at ARC Services, safety is 24/7.

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