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What Sets Field Machining Service Providers Apart?

Field machine service providers can save your jobsite from hectic issues and restore operations quickly and efficiently. However, to do that, you need to find a reputable provider that you can trust. On paper, many providers can make the same promises and offer the same services. However, there are a few characteristics you should look for that will ensure you hire a field machine service provider that will go above and beyond. Here are our top three qualities to look for in a quality provider.

Creative Thinking

One of the first ways to determine if a field machining service is worth partnering with is to evaluate their approach to your project. Many machining companies use standard equipment and follow a specific manual. However, being able to think outside the box is crucial in the field. No job is the same, meaning that the same procedures will not work for every site. Good machining services step into the unknown and tackle projects that have never been done before. Whether that is taking existing equipment and modifying it to serve a specific purpose, or inventing all new equipment for a job, your machining service providers should be able to tackle any challenge thrown their way. When your providers can think creatively and visually, it opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Deep Understanding of Client’s Needs

At the end of the day, a project will not perform well if the provider does not fully understand what the client needs. Reading between the lines and knowing what their needs are without the client having to voice it can save precious time. Asking smart questions, thinking critically, and knowing the client’s field are ways a provider can set themselves, and your project, up for success. When a service provider understands a job, it will create a better customer experience and streamline the process.

Exceptional Communication

Communication is always an important factor for any job. Without it, there may be unmet expectations and easily preventable mistakes. Clear and concise communication is necessary to get every person involved on the same page and should be a priority for field machining service providers. On top of that, a great response time differentiates one service provider from others in the industry. No matter the day or time, they will formulate a game plan, design a solution on the fly, and mobilize their resources to your site to get the job done.

Safety First – Always

When it comes to industrial safety, most every company follows the same rules and undergoes the same training. However, one thing to look for that will set a company apart is how they prioritize and approach safety measures. An experience modification rating, EMR, is an annual safety rating that calculates the number of injuries to the number of working hours. The EMR rating should be 1.0 or less to ensure that the company has an excellent safety culture. FME, Foreign Material Exclusion, is extremely prominent in the nuclear industry to prevent foreign materials from entering a space that can become a safety hazard. By nature, machining does produce foreign materials so looking for a company that has an excellent FME program in place will decrease the risk of foreign materials entering your systems. Having a specific FME plan for each individual and unique application will produce better results than general FME guidelines. Safety measures should be a priority and core value for any field machining service provider.

These four characteristics to look for will ensure you find a credible and experienced service provider for your job. Some companies stick to the status quo instead of forging new paths and creating new procedures. Finding one that is comfortable veering away from off-the-shelf tools while prioritizing safety can guarantee a custom plan for your job. When you choose the right field machining service provider, exceptional communication and high quality work is the standard.

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