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Valve Maintenance: Repair or Replace?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When you notice something is wrong with a valve, the first thing your mind may go to is replacing the part altogether. After all, getting a new part will help the system last longer and be just as expensive as repairing the current valve, right? While that logic may make sense, that is not always the case. In fact, we encourage our customers to always try to repair a valve when possible. Replacement can end up costing a large sum and may even be unnecessary. Let’s unpack the cost and safety differences between repairing and replacing a valve so you can determine which option is best for you.

Repair vs Replace

With a valve replacement, one of the hurdles you will have to jump through is the amount of downtime. Depending on the part, its location, and availability, you may need to shut down the job site to complete the replacement. One benefit to replacing the valve is that it gives you an opportunity to update an outdated part. Upgrading to a smart digital positioner can give you added features that can be beneficial in the long run. Self-diagnostic capabilities can give you a heads-up whenever maintenance will be required, eliminating any guesswork. Though the upgrade may sound attractive, it is important to determine if replacing the valve is worth the downtime, loss of production, and cost.

When a valve is still in good working condition but has seen some wear and tear, mechanical engineering and specialty welding companies may be able to restore damaged or worn valve components to their original performance specifications without the need for a full replacement. By utilizing welding technologies such as laser cladding, hard facing, or Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, repairing a valve may be a cost-saving solution for your problem. Complex or high-value valves can be a pain to replace and can cost precious time, money, and resources. Before you decide to move forward with a full replacement, make sure that repairing the valve would not be a better solution.

Save Money

With valve maintenance, you will always want to repair a valve whenever possible. One of the main reasons for this is the high expenses associated with replacing a valve. With replacement, there are three factors to consider: the cost of the valve, the cost of labor and equipment, and associated costs like engineering and quality control management. With a valve repair, special welding techniques can help lower the cost while ensuring the valve will be reliable in the future. When the situation permits, valve repair solutions can be a cost-effective alternative to valve replacement. Overall, repairs are much more affordable than replacements. In fact, a safe, reliable valve repair solution costs 40% less than a typical valve replacement. Before making any decisions, consult with a qualified mechanical engineering and specialty welding company. They will be able to better assess the damage, determining the best repair solution for your specific needs, and provide a more accurate cost estimate.

Safety First

The #1 factor in keeping valve repairs safe is having experienced and qualified technicians on the job. Each repair will present its own complexities, but safety should always be the top priority no matter what. Necessary skills, equipment, and expertise are needed to perform the repairs to the highest standards of quality and safety and you want to ensure you’re working with a team that prioritizes this. When safety is not a priority, it can be a hazard for other workers and can also create unnecessary delays. By choosing a trusted and properly licensed mechanical engineering and specialty welding company specializing in valve repair, customers can ensure that their valves are restored to full functionality with minimal downtime and at a lower cost than a typical valve replacement.

ARC Services is Your Reliable Repair Team

At ARC, we offer safe, affordable valve replacement solutions using specialized tooling and experienced craft. From seat ring removal to NDT inspections to heavy rigging, our team is equipped to help you with any kind of repair. We know the importance of completing the job correctly and efficiently the first time. However, we do not sacrifice safety and quality for the sake of meeting a deadline. That is why we only use the best tools in the industry. By utilizing the PSGV welding system for our welding projects, we can ensure increased productivity, operator safety, and superb weld quality. Learn more about our valve repair services here!

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