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Providing Custom Solutions for the Utility Sector Using the MDM Process

We recently had the opportunity to help a utility company customize a solution using the MDM process. This non-typical situation required us to provide a specific diameter, surface finish, and location for penetration in the Feedwater system without introducing debris into the system, which would damage the thin wall tubing inside the steam generators. Keep reading to find out how we created this custom solution using the MDM process.

A Unique Use for the MDM Process

The MDM process is typically used to remove broken studs, taps, pins, drill bits, and nut splitting. However, it is rarely used for creating a specific penetration. The utility was committed to avoiding debris from drilling and reaming, as it would result in unnecessary shutdowns and a shorter life expectancy of the component.

The utility company turned to our team for a solution, knowing that the EDM method was not recommended. Our machining department designed a custom electrode, and with their Field Machining team, they developed a safe and repeatable procedure that satisfied all of the customer's concerns and expectations. The utilities Chemistry, Safety, and Health Physics departments accepted the procedure.

Manufacturing Custom Parts to Complete the Job

Additionally, we designed and manufactured parts to customize our equipment to reach the more difficult locations required. This is standard practice for ARC, but not common in smaller field service companies with limited resources. Director of Business Development/Machining Operations, Wayne Uhlenberg, had this to say about the custom approach:

“This demonstrates our commitment to thinking outside the box and providing our customers with safe, reliable alternatives to the more difficult machining applications.”

Stay Tuned for the Final Results

Our team is set to complete this project any day now. We are excited about the unique solution we have created and how we will be able to use the MDM process in this non-traditional manner. Stay tuned for the final results as well as photos and videos of the process in action.

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