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National Burn Awareness Week: A Call to Action for Safety

burn awareness

As we observe National Burn Awareness Week, it's crucial to reflect on the startling statistics surrounding burn injuries in the United States. According to the CDC, in 2020, there were 276,086 medical treatments for unintentional burn injuries, tragically resulting in 3,028 deaths from fire and smoke inhalation. Children, the elderly, and the disabled are particularly vulnerable, with one-third of burn injuries occurring in children under 15. Young adults and those in their 30s also face heightened risks.

This year's focus is on the risks posed by flammable liquids. Everyday activities, both at work and home, can expose us to these hazards, making awareness and preventive measures critical.

The ARC Services Perspective: "Safety is 24-7"

At ARC Services, we firmly believe in the mantra, "Safety is 24-7." Whether on a job site, in a power generation plant, or at home with our families, safety should always be at the forefront. This week, we join hands with the American Burn Association and the wider community in spreading this vital message.

Preventive Measures

Most burn injuries occur at home, primarily due to fire-flame, scalds, contact with hot objects, and electrical and chemical accidents. As part of our commitment, we encourage everyone to:

  • Educate Yourself and Others: Understand the common causes of burns and how to prevent them.

  • Implement Safety Practices: Especially when handling flammable liquids, ensure proper storage and usage.

  • Promote a Safety Culture: At work and at home, creating a culture of safety can significantly reduce accidents.

The Role of Medical and Support Services

We acknowledge and celebrate the immense progress in burn care and treatment. The dedication of healthcare professionals, firefighters, researchers, and safety educators has been instrumental in improving survival rates and reintegration of burn survivors into our communities.

Our Collective Responsibility

As we observe this week, let's remember that preventing burns is a collective responsibility. At ARC Services, we pledge to continue our efforts in promoting safety and awareness, not just during this week but throughout the year. We invite you to join us in this mission to make our homes, workplaces, and communities safer for everyone.

Educate. Prevent. Protect. 

National Burn Awareness Week is more than a campaign; it's a call to action. Let's use this opportunity to educate, prevent, and protect against burn injuries. Together, we can make a difference.

For more information and resources, visit American Burn Association's website.

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