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Much to be Thankful For

With the holiday season and new year quickly approaching, we have been evaluating our efforts over the last year. As we have looked back over the past year, we have become overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for the many people who make ARC what it is today. It is not lost on us the abundance we have to be thankful for – including the many people who contribute to the success of ARC.

Gratitude for Our Clients

Great service is spurred on by working with great clients. Each one of our clients are valued by our team and make ARC a place our employees love to work. Without the people who trust us over and over again to provide quality work, we truly would not exist. The continuous support and candid feedback help shape our company and allow us to evolve. As we grow to provide even better service, our clients are our top priority, and we are blessed by their support.

Gratitude for Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are the backbone of ARC. Without their partnership, our jobs and ability to produce quality services would become significantly more difficult. Their expertise ensures that our projects are successful, and our customers are satisfied. The suppliers we work with offer their support and commitment to keep raw materials flowing. Supply chains can often produce numerous issues and cause many headaches. Our suppliers go above and beyond to ensure we have the necessary resources to complete our projects.

Gratitude for Our Team

Each and every section of our business is full of dedicated and hard workers. From our safety department to field wielders, these individuals are engaged and driven to help ARC reach new levels of innovation, quality and productivity. Without their passion to serve our customers well, we would not be at the level we are today.

Our leaders exemplify an attitude of thankfulness in how they lead their departments. They create a strong company culture by encouraging and building up their team. Humility and gratitude are signs of a true leader, and these characteristics are embodied by every person on our leadership team.

Gratitude for Our Families

You have probably heard the saying that “behind every great man, there’s a great woman,” well a similar statement can be said about our team. Behind each of our workers, there is an encouraging support system at home. Our team could not offer quality work without our families and friends cheering us on. Family is one of the greatest blessings in our life, and our team has been blessed with some of the best. This holiday season, enjoy and value the time you get to spend with those you love.

Gratitude for Our Service Members

We are blessed to live in a country that was built upon the basis of freedom – but that freedom came at a cost. While our ARC team will be spending the holidays with our family and friends, we know it is a privilege that some families do not get to experience. Many of our United States service members will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home while they are serving our country overseas. We are eternally thankful for the sacrifices of every veteran that become even more apparent during the holiday season. We want to salute every service member and their families who are sacrificing their time together for our freedom.

In this season of Thanksgiving, let us remember all of the blessings we have been given. At ARC, we are grateful for those who support and encourage our business along with the service members who sacrifice for our country during the holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving from our team at ARC!

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