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Celebrating Veterans Day | How Military Experience Impacts Business

Here at ARC, we treat Veterans Day with a special reverence. Our own founder and CEO, Roddy Phillips, is a 3rd generation Veteran. We know how important it is to recognize and salute those who sacrifice for our freedom. Roddy’s time in the military has not only strengthened his leadership skills, but has greatly impacted how he runs his business.

A Family Legacy

Roddy grew up in a small town and comes from a line of United States Veterans. His grandfather served in World War II and his father served in the U.S. Navy. He grew up hearing stories from their time of service and the costs each faced when they decided to enlist. Inspired by his father and grandfather, Roddy viewed military service as a privilege and joined the Navy.

After working for years in the maintenance and equipment side of the industry, Roddy was looking for a company that aligned more closely with his values and the Navy’s core principles: honor, courage, and commitment. He founded ARC in 2010 as a specialty welding and mechanical contracting firm. The Veteran-owned status secondary.

As customers began learning Roddy’s story and background, they encouraged him to take advantage of the support available for diverse suppliers.

Shaping a Business

During his time in service, Roddy learned many valuable lessons that affect the way he does business today. The machinery that he handled in the Navy increased his passion for safety. Once he transitioned back into civilian life, he decided to bring that passion into the construction world. Modeled after the military’s chain of command, the team structure is one where everyone is expected to pull their weight. Many can be tempted to micromanage and ensure things are running properly, but Roddy knows the importance of trusting his team to get the job done. In order for those around him to thrive and succeed at their jobs, they must work within a space that allows them to grow as individuals.

Roddy seeks to create a learning atmosphere across the company to develop other leaders.

He is committed to investing in the people who keep ARC running. When you are in the military, training is crucial. He wanted to bring that same energy and process to the construction industry. Training and teaching those within the company craft skills to set them up for success and build trust between colleagues. He doesn’t expect a person to be an expert at their craft when they join the team, but does expect an attitude that is willing to learn.

Supporting Veterans

When a person decides to transition out of the military, they leave with an abundance of real world experience, problem solving skills and leadership background that can help them excel in a new job. ARC firmly believes in supporting Veterans and assisting them with the transition out of military life. With 200,000 military members leaving each year to transition into civilian life, businesses have a unique opportunity to help these heroes find good jobs or create businesses of their own. What began as a personal passion now bleeds into the culture of ARC.

One practical way for your business to imitate this? Get involved in events like Hiring our Heroes. This nationwide initiative seeks to create positive economic opportunities and better our nation’s workforce by connecting those within the military community with businesses.

During this Veteran’s Day, we want to salute and honor those who put aside their personal goals to faithfully serve our country and preserve our freedom. Your sacrifice and commitment is not forgotten.

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