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Roddy Phillips, President, ARC Services

What led you to serve in the military?


Quite a few men in my family served, including my Grandfather who was in Iwo Jima during the flag raising.  While it was not an expectation to go into the military, it was something that I viewed as an honor. I learned early on that the freedom I enjoyed came with a price fought by the men and women before me, so it was important for me to serve and give back.

So I went in thinking it was my opportunity to give back, but I left my time in service feeling like my country gave me so much more. It was during my time in the Navy that I learned how to work with people from all different cultures. On a daily basis I got to practice skills like

problem solving, teamwork, and adaptability, all of which I have carried with me throughout my career.

These valued skills along with the structure, training, and exposure to various cultures are some of the many reasons I am such an advocate for young people joining the military. The skills learned during your time in service will be used in any direction your career takes you.


What is the most important part of your position?

Leading people is the most important part of this position. I try to lead by example, and I do this by jumping in any project or task when needed. I’m not above working on a job site side by side my team or even taking out the garbage at the office. That type of work ethic was one of the founding principles of ARC Services, and I do not ever want to lose that.

What are your goals for ARC?

We started the company ten years ago with the goal of being the best specialty welding company in the business. We knew that to be the best, we had to bring more to the table than a lower hourly rate or the latest technology. In order to do so, we had to make the impact through our people.  What has always set ARC Services apart from the competition is our people. We hire men and women that are full of integrity and grit because we know that is what makes a difference on a jobsite. Any company can provide a welding service, but a company that can bring that service along with a team full of people who want to make a difference in this industry through their work and attitude is how we separate ourselves from the rest.

Do you have any mentors? If so, who and what did they do for your career?

My Uncle was a big mentor to me. He not only sparked my career in welding, but also gave me firsthand knowledge in becoming an entrepreneur. He was someone who was always looking for the best in himself and those around him. He encouraged those around him to move beyond their current roles and comfort zones to become something greater. I thank him for my work ethic and leadership skills.


What is one thing you want people to know about you?

That I am truly thankful to all the men and women who have given their time and resources to serve this country. The luxuries we have in this country, like our ability to vote, came with a price and that is never lost on me. I will forever be grateful and will do my best to continue to instill that sense of gratitude in both my family and my ARC Services team.


What are the words you live by or your life’s mantra?

 “Be strong and courageous for the Lord is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

This scripture is so important to me because there were so many points in my life where I didn’t know what was coming next, or what move was the right one, but I rested in the knowing that God was right there with me. My faith has taught me to just do the next right thing and trust that God is always working for the greater good.