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ARC Services (ARC) is a leader in the specialty welding, machining and heat treat services provider for the process and power industries. ARC delivers safe, quality, and affordable services to customers for short/long term piping and boiler component modifications and installations. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior asset management services that exceed our customers’ expectations while maintaining the safety of personnel and plant equipment, at competitive prices, and in a timely manner. 


At ARC, we understand the importance of keeping equipment and components working smoothly and efficiently. For this reason, we have formed important partnerships to provide observation and inspection services to help ensure your project stays on track


Wide range of NDE services provided include:

  • RT (Radiography) - Film and computed (Iridium, Selenium, Cobalt) 

  • UT (Ultrasound) - Flaw Detection (Manual, Semi-Automated, Automated) PAUT, Shear Wave 

  • UT (Ultrasound) - Corrosion Mapping (Manual, Automated) 

  • ET (Eddy Current) - Surface, Tubular, Pulsed Thru-insulation (CUI) 

  • GW (Guided Wave) - Magnetostrictive System (MsS) 

  • MT (Magnetic Particle) 

  • PT (Liquid Penetrant) 

  • VT (Visual Inspection) 

  • HD - King Brinell, Rockwell, Newage Pin Brinell, Telebrineller, and Equotip GUL-Guided Wave


Choose a turnkey comprehensive condition assessment for boilers, pressure vessels and tanks to ensure safety and reliability of your equipment. 


Benefits to our turnkey solution include:

  • Reduces Labor Needs 

  • NDE Based Assessments with Complete Engineering and Execution. 

  • Can Be Utilized on Most ASME NR, R Stamp, and API Code Repairs 

  • Reduces Unplanned Outages and Costly Downtime 

  • Reduces Risks and Improves Plant and Community Safety 

  • Streamlines the Client’s Procurement Process


Additionally, ARC Services supplies consulting services and vendor management services to accompany and support the above services. Some of these additional, valuable offerings include supplying protective coatings specialists (SSPC-PCS), quality audits / consulting (ASQ-CQA),  NDE training (ASNT Level III-MT, PT, RT, UT & VT), welding procedure development & testing, documentation controls and final report packages.