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January 8, 2021

Spotlight on Mike Lang, VP of Execution and Strategy

Our spotlight this week is on Mike Lang. Get to know this valuable employee and his extensive experience in the industry!


Why did you choose ARC Services?

I chose ARC Services for its reputation and integrity. I`ve been in the industry for over 35 years. The people, growth, vision, ethics and excellent reputation are all aspects that brought me to ARC Services.


How long have you worked at ARC? Who is your biggest support system within ARC and why?

I joined ARC Services in May of 2020. I believe the support system is made up of the people at ARC. We have a great variety of talent, and we all complement each other very well.

What is your history in the business?

I've been blessed to have a ground up experience starting as an apprentice pipefitter welder and continuously learning. This experience eventually led to opportunities as a Senior Fellow, Global Director, Superintendent, Educator, AWS/CWI/CWE, and 35+ years as a United Association Pipefitter/Welder gaining extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of positions. 

I have been fortunate to serve for over 25 years with industry standards committee involvement in AWS D10 as a Chairman, D18, and the AWS Technical Activities Committee (TAC). I am also active in the ASME BPVC Committee Sections II, III, VIII, and IX and have been published on several occasions on topics from these committees and as a principal or contributing author to many industry publications.

Overall, it has been one heck of a ride!  

Why welding?

I always wanted to get into construction, and early on it was easy to see that welding is a huge part of our everyday life. Nearly everything we do each day has been touched by welding in some way.

Any mentors you would like to mention? 

I do get asked this from time to time. The best I can ever say is that my career has gone way past my expectations, and much of that is due to being able to work with so many good people worldwide.


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