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ARC Services offers a variety of machining services performed both in the field and within our facilities. With over 35 years of combined experience in the welding and machining field, ARC Services provides only the most highly skilled craftsmen and management teams to our projects. 


ARC Services executes on-site repairs, modifications and improvements within the nuclear, oil and gas, mining, wind and industrial markets. Highly skilled field service personnel along with a top-quality Engineering department allow us to ensure quality and safety without compromise.

Machining Services Include:

  • Pipe Cutting & Beveling 

  • Vessel & Window Cutting

  • Milling & Drilling 

  • Flange Facing 

  • Valve ID Repair 

  • Line Boring

  • Precision Milling 

  • Custom Design 

  • Mechanical or MDM Stud Removal


Pipe Cutting & Beveling

ARC Services can perform a wide application of machining from the most standard cutting and beveling to the most specific weld prep configurations. Utilizing a wide variety of readily available equipment, we can respond quickly and efficiently. 

Vessel & Window Cutting

Whether it's the vessel diameter or an inspection window that is needed, ARC Services has the capabilities and experience to provide the results needed. Our custom designed Window Cutter System can produce a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet our customers needs.

In-Place Flange Repair

ARC Services provides on-site repair or refurbishment of flanges and gasket faces due to erosion and gasket failure. We can offer everything from re-establishing a gasket surface to performing major steam cut repairs. This reduces replacement costs as well as the down time for such projects.


Stud Removal & Thread Repair


Broken or stuck studs are an issue on every job site. AES has full capabilities to remove stuck or broken studs and repair threaded holes. Whether it’s by mechanically drilling, or by utilizing the MDM (metal disintegration machining) approach, AES can safely and efficiently remove studs, taps or pins. Thread repair can be accomplished by performing a weld buildup and re-establishing a damaged thread surface or by over sizing the damaged hole and inserting a threaded insert or Helicoil. Our field experience allows us to respond quickly and provide these repairs safety and in a cost effective manner.


Line Boring


Innovated solutions for on-site machining within the power generation and mining industries. Applications include boiler feed pumps, wicket gates, gas and steam turbine casings, excavator booms and buckets as well as loader articulating joints. Anywhere there is a need to have bores and fits in-line, ARC Services can provide a solution. 


Precision Milling


Motor and pump bedplate refurbishment as well as keyways and grooving are just a few of milling operations that ARC Services has the capabilities of performing safely and efficiently. Our skilled team of field machining personnel can provide the close tolerances required in this field, while maintaining the cost and schedule objectives. 


For any machining service you may require that is not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to fulfil your unique project requirements.