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November 23, 2020, for immediate release

Arc Services Strengthens Customer Support Process

By Announcing Change In Leadership Team

Over the past 10 years, ARC Services has consistently sought to improve customer support by continuingly evaluating their internal processes and actively pursuing direct customer feedback. 


On November 16, 2020, ARC Services took the next step in their customer service evolution by announcing a change in leadership, which will result in an extra layer of key support personnel for every project.

New Leadership.png

The new leadership structure includes:


Chief Executive Officer, Roddy Phillips

Roddy is one of the founding owners of ARC Services and has spent the previous ten years in the role of President. He has a proven track record of providing sound, faith driven leadership. Under Roddy’s direction the company has moved from a specialty welding company to a complete turnkey service provider that has a global project portfolio over 2500 completed projects.

In the new role of the first ever CEO for ARC Services, Roddy will be concentrating on the strategic growth plan and goals for the company, which include expanding into different markets and growing their international project portfolio.


President, Mike Miller

As a founding owner of ARC Services, Mike will be moving out of the Vice President of Operations role and into the role of President. In his tenure with ARC Services, Mike has been responsible for the customer support process, the operations of every project, the expansion of the ARC brand within the Gulf Coast through the newly opened Texas shop in Pasadena, Texas, as well as the mentorship program for young professionals entering the ARC Services Team. An example of this mentorship has been shown through Jason Killough who began his career with ARC Services at the age of 21 and currently the new VP of Operations for the company.


Mike’s new role will showcase his operational, customer service, and mentoring skills by giving him responsibility for the bidding, preparation, execution, and completion of all projects. This includes personnel and projects for both the home office and the Texas shop locations of ARC Services.

VP of Operations, Jason Killough
Jason has been a part of the ARC Services family since its inception. He began his career with ARC
Services as a welder. It did not take long for leadership to recognize that Jason possessed the skill set to
become a true leader within the company. The team began to offer him different roles within various
projects such as quality control, project manager, and estimator. Jason never shied away from an
opportunity to learn more about the company, the position, and the industry. He will be utilizing all of
these skills as he takes on the responsibility of VP of Operations for the company. He will be working
closely with Mike Miller overseeing the development and execution of every project for ARC Services.

The change in leadership is one of the many ways ARC Services is preparing for the future years of
service. According to Roddy Phillips, CEO, “We believe in promoting from within. We pride ourselves on
having a leadership team that began their career on the front lines of service. We know what it takes to
complete a job and what a customer needs from their service provider. We know we cannot be a
turnkey service provider without the customer experience being at the forefront of every decision we
make, and this change is just one example of that.” Mike Miller, President, stated, “This change is one of
many coming as we prepare for the next decade of service. We are going to keep raising the industry bar
with our processes and continue to pump resources into our team’s ongoing education and
development so that we can continue to promote from within.”



Roddy Phillips   
Chief Executive Officer

ARC Services                                       


Mike Miller,   

ARC Services