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Field Heat Treatment has become an essential variable in welding.  As materials of construction become more temperature dependent, the importance of uniformity, control, and transparency become even more obvious as they influence life management, fitness for service, and project management fundaments through cost, scheduling, and safety.


ARC Services understands that preheat, interpass, bake-out, post weld heat treatment, including stress relieving, annealing, normalization, and other advanced processes for materials require precise control, transparency, and documentation.

ARC Services is widely recognized and acclaimed for exceptional knowledge and customer service in this important aspect of their business. ARC’s Field Heat Treatment division are completely familiar with all existing and emerging codes, standards, and best practices. Technicians and Supervisors are trained to the highest levels of competence and integrity and incorporate the most advanced technology in remote communication, control, execution, and documentation to meet and exceed customer requirements in the most challenging of applications.  

Full Service, Augmentation, Rental

ARC Services has flexible on-site service solutions to meet ANY customer requirements including:

  • Full Service

  • Project Management

  • Experience Technicians and Supervision

  • Collaborative Augmentation

  • Equipment Rental and Support


Risk Mitigation:  Quality – Schedule – Cost Control

ARC Services has a reputation in safety and responsiveness, performing at the highest quality standard with integrity, transparency, cost efficiency and timeliness at the forefront of every project.


ARC is well equipped with the latest technology in heat treating including:

  • Electrical Resistance

  • Gas Fired Furnaces

  • Portable Induction Heating Solutions

  • State-of-the-Art Industrial Equipment Platforms

  • Multi-Zone Modular Equipment Combinations

  • Remote Portable Generation

  • Advanced Data Controllers

  • Real-Time Remote Data Acquisition


ARC Services has extensive experience and expertise in all industrial field service applications including: Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Paper, Pipeline and Fabrication.

Quality Assurance

ARC Services quality assurance is applicable to construction codes including: ASME, API, WRC, NBIC and CWB

Construction, Repair Codes and Guides

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers B&PV)

  • Section I Construction of Power Boilers

  • Section II         Materials (Part A, B, C and D)

  • Section III        Construction of Nuclear Components

  • Section V        Non-destructive Examination

  • Section VIII     Construction of Pressure Vessels

  • Section IX       Welding, Brazing and Fusing Qualifications

  • Section XI       In-service Inspection of Nuclear Components

  • B31 Pressure Piping

    • B31.1      Power Piping

    • B31.3      Process Piping

AWS (American Welding Society)

  • D1.1        Structural Welding Code

  • D1.6        Stainless Steel Structural Welding Code

  • D10.10   Localized Heat Treatment

  • D10.22   Localized Field Heat Treatment of CSEF Steel (P91)

  • D10.23   Heat Treat Qualification Program

API (American Petroleum Institute)

  • 582 Welding and PWHT

  • 938’s       Chrome Moly material processing

  • 579 Fitness for Service

  • 934G      Coke Drums

WRC (Welding Research Council)

  • 452 Local Heating of Welds in Pressure Vessels

NBIC (National Boiler Inspection Code)

  • Part 3      Repairs and Alterations

TWI (The Welding Institute UK)

QCCC (Quality Control Council of Canada)

CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau)    

AWS Section D10.10 1999


Recommended Practices:

  •  Methods of applying controlled heat

(when furnace or oven are not practical)

  •  In conjunction with

  • Piping Fabrication Codes

    • B31.1 Power Piping

    • B31.3 Process Piping

    • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels

  • Repair Codes

    • NBIC and API

  • Standards regarding Service Environment

    • NACE and ANSI

Labor and Equipment Asset Management

Expertise in asset optimization through re-planning, execution, and project completion, guaranteed to meet and exceed all success metrics for clients and owners alike. 


Testing Research and Development  

ARC Services is frequently involved in industry research & development, product and process improvement, innovation, and ideation.

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