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January 15, 2020

Inside Look at ARC's Business Development Team

Get to know the ARC Services business development team.

Stella Lipsey enjoys spending time at home with her husband and Great Dane Winston. While at home, she enjoys working on home improvement projects and trying to keep her crazy dog out of mischief.


Greg Cox likes playing golf and working in his workshop. He also spends his spare time researching the power industries for new technologies and innovative products. 

Tina Dean has a passion for traveling and as a self-proclaimed “Foodie”, experiencing cuisine from a variety of cultures.  Since Covid19, traveling vacations have been replaced by culinary adventures within the city of Houston and surrounding areas. In addition she enjoys fishing, both freshwater and saltwater!


Tina Dean


Greg Cox

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Stella Lipsey

What sets ARC’s business development team apart from all the other business development teams out there? 
The ARC team is made up of a diverse assortment of backgrounds. Each team member has worked in a wide variety of industries and disciplines enabling us to work together and pull from each other’s vast experiences.  This combined experience allows us the opportunity to efficiently serve our clients by providing unique solutions to their needs and exceptional customer service.
What does ARC’s business development team enjoy about their roles?
We enjoy working with individuals within the power, petrochemical, and oil & gas industries and going to the plant sites to talk to the men and women that execute the work in the field. Our interaction with customers allows for a better understanding of their service needs and any problem areas for which ARC can provide optimal solutions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, gaining site entry has become more challenging, but we are still able to take advantage of these valuable face-to-face interactions by using masks and practicing proper social distancing. We work with a great team of professionals and hold many years of experience providing specialty services to the power, petrochemical, and oil & gas industries.
Describe how ARC’s business development team serves their clients.
People do business with people they like and trust.  Relationships and first impressions are important because we are the first faces or voices they see and hear. We all must have a good understanding of the client’s business and their specific needs, know our business and the solutions we provide, and always be someone the client can trust  and form a long-term business relationship with.
Please describe three of your top challenges that you face today in developing business for ARC Services. 

Throughout the past year, COVID-19 has changed and challenged how we perform our standard duties.  We miss seeing our customers and getting to meet and know new ones, but we regroup and overcome. Instead of lunch-and-learns, plant visits, and lunch with customers to develop relationships and look for upcoming work, we are now meeting through Teams, Zoom, and Webex. We have had many interesting phone calls (while children are in the background attempting to do their online school programs, dogs barking, etc.) from colleagues and customers alike working from home. Although we cannot always see our customers, we have enjoyed glimpsing a unique perspective into their home lives that we would otherwise never see.  We never imagined how much we actually gain from face-to-face interactions. To us here at ARC, business development is all about relationships and learning more about people. 

Another challenge is growth. We have added new service lines to our business. Not only are we a great specialty welding company, but we are also performing to the same caliber in all lines – machining, heat treating, NDE, heavy lifting & rigging, and engineering.  We are able to broadcast our new growth as we make calls, perform work onsite, talk in virtual meetings, and through social networking; however, it is harder to get the information forward without the face-to-face impact. As we grow, we are adjusting and learning better ways to communicate and remind everyone of what we can do.   


We also miss expos and conferences - a fantastic way to meet new people, potential customers, and peers throughout the industry. We have made priceless connections and learned so much about not only the power industry, but about other companies that work with us, compete with us, and assist in other areas within the power group. We are looking forward to the day when we can again share our love for what we do at ARC Services.


Thankfully, despite these challenges, we are all in the same boat, and the industry is adjusting. We are striving to have a fantastic 2021. 

Describe how business development at ARC has evolved over the years.  
Business Development at ARC has evolved into our team members performing a wide range of tasks throughout the company. At ARC, the term business development does not equate only to sales. While conducting sales is a major part of our job, there are many other aspects. During our time here, different members of our team have assisted in implementing a software sales system, bidding, budgeting, marketing, event planning, and volunteer work. Sales is a portion of business development, but working for a small, veteran-owned company also means that we all work together and wear as many hats as needed. This is what contributes to the unity that we consider our ARC family.

What is the general feedback that you have received regarding ARC’s services?  

Our customers are consistently praising our customer service. They enjoy working with us because we take our customer relationships very seriously and do all that we can to establish trust and great communication with each and every client. We’re told that our unique solutions set us apart from our competitors. General feedback regarding most services that we offer is that ARC always responds to emergent work the quickest. At ARC we are available for our clients 24/7, and we mean it.