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Up Close & Personal with Bogdan Gaita,

VP Lifting and Rigging, Arc Services

Have you met ARC Services’ VP of Lifting and Rigging, Bogdan Gaita?


Bogdan, why rigging?


I have always had a passion for figure stuff out. I began building engines for model rockets and airplanes as a child. When I was older, I started rebuilding combustion engines and house additions. I have always wanted to know what is behind the build and why it makes sense to make it a certain way to make it work. So, I guess I have always known I wanted to be an engineer. I completed my Master of Engineering in Europe with a major in Structural Engineer.

I am passionate about the rigging industry because cookie cutter engineering does not apply.

Most of the times there is no set way of doing things. It takes imagination, inventive design, and the ability to always search for the solution that makes a project successful.  I love when a client has a major problem that requires out of the box thinking. Figuring out how to provide the solution in a safe and successful way makes me incredibly fulfilled, even after all these years.


What made you choose ARC Services?

Because of the leadership, its that simple.  Roddy Phillips, President and Mike Miller, VP of Operations. It is rare to find company owners who are upfront about their passion for God, their people, and this Industry. I knew instantly that not only were they special, they were building something special. They surround themselves with like-minded people who share the same beliefs, the same work ethic, and the same passion for doing the right thing, every single time.

The fact that I never have to wonder if they are going to do the right thing – always choosing the right way – it melts perfectly with who I am also.


How has the Rigging Industry been affected by the pandemic?

The Rigging Industry is being pushed to its limits because during normal circumstances it relies on good communication, including walkdowns, face to face interaction, and especially brainstorming when it comes to new solutions. Of course, with the disruption brought by the Coronavirus, we are finding new ways to create that communication and interaction through video chats, smart boards, and informal engineering meetings to try and foster that open discussion and idea sharing that we desperately need to be successful.


What advice do you have for young engineers considering Rigging Engineering?

First and foremost, spend some time in the field. It is critical because as the saying goes “it works on paper because there are no people involved”. When you are in the field you are dealing with people executing large projects in confined spaces. For example, you can design a plate washer for a large threaded rod that will perform its intended purpose, but it is about 150 LBS. There is no way a person in the field can install that without support equipment around him, but you do not always have it. So, spend some time in the field learning from other’s mistakes, and then take a few years to create your own. I promise it will be time well spent!