Celebrating 10 Years!!

Arc Services

Dear Valued Customers and Arc Team Members,

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the founding of Arc Energy Services.  This milestone would not be possible without our amazing customers and exceptional team members. They are the primary reason Arc Energy is one of the leading service providers in the energy service industry today.  


In 2010, Arc Energy started with the mission of providing excellent services completed safely, on schedule, and done right the first time.  Thankfully, we had several gracious and patient customers that took a chance on our young company. Much of our success is due to their willing assistance in our growth and improvement.  The time and effort they have invested into Arc Energy is greatly appreciated.  They have strengthened our growth and helped us to become a national recognized service company.

The Arc team is second to none. Without the home office staff, remote staff, field supervisors, and skilled craftsmen and women, Arc Energy would not be here today. It has been amazing to watch so many people grow both personally and professionally during this time. These phenomenal team members have set the success of Arc as their personal mission and have went above and beyond to make this happen. The long hour days, nights, weekends, and time away from family have been a constant part of their lives in this common goal of “getting the job done”.  I would like to express my sincere thanks to each member of the Arc team.  I look forward to the path we will take to build the next 10 years together. 

Over the past decade, we as a company and an industry have faced many adversities. Today we face a new challenge in COVID-19. This has brought many new obstacles for our customers and team members in the daily pursuit “getting the job done”. Together we will overcome these challenges and find the best solutions to ensure the success of everyone.  I look forward with great anticipation to the next 10 years in the energy service industry.  With our remarkable customers and outstanding team members, our potential success is limitless.


“Determined people working together can do anything.” Jim Casey


Thank you to everyone for their support the past 10 years!

Roddy Phillips

President, Arc Energy Services, Inc.

© 2020 Arc Services

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